RE/MAX School by RE/MAX University

The only real estate university in the world

Part of RE/MAX's success is based on the great importance it attaches to the training of the associates that form part of its network. Since the company was established in 1973, training has been one of its cornerstones and, with this in mind, at RE/MAX Spain the RE/MAX School was created with a fundamental mission and vision:

Mission: "Create broker leaders and professional real estate agents".

"Provide our brokers and associate agents the best ongoing training and constantly grow so that they achieve their personal and professional goals in order to offer customers real estate services based on ethics, efficiency and commitment"

The teaching techniques used, the interesting content of the courses and the prestige of an experienced company such as RE/MAX has made the RE/MAX School a benchmark educational institution in the industry.

Our goal is to ensure that all RE/MAX associate agents and brokers are at the forefront of innovative techniques and services in the real estate industry. The real estate market is constantly evolving and our agents and brokers must be trained and prepared with the appropriate techniques to provide the best services to customers based on ethics, efficiency, commitment and professionalism.

“When leaders gather together, incredible things happen and challenges make a team great. Take advantage of your strengths, develop your skills, discover alternatives and explore limits”

Our vision is to be leaders in the consulting and training industry and turn our teams into great professionals so that they may achieve their goals in line with a prestigious brand represented across the globe - RE/MAX.

Having a sound marketing plan is not the only sign of success, which also includes knowing how to properly secure a home, understanding housing legislation, knowing how to manage your time fruitfully and efficiently for maximum profitability and knowing how to sell the exclusivity of your brand. These and other aspects are the vision that we at the RE/MAX School by RE/MAX University instil in everyone seeking to be a real estate professional with the respective qualifications.

Qualification is based on a system of free appointment with the related study plan that is unique and exclusive in Spain, created by the RE/MAX School by RE/MAX University and divided into three cycles with the related qualification granted at the end of each.

"When you finally fully understand the root of the word success, you discover that it means ‘keep going forward." Francis Nichol