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Sales Power by Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry shows in this different and exclusive programme how to generate business in less time. It prepares the best trainers for a real estate agency with an exclusive design for RE/MAX offices. It requires high energy to keep RE/MAX at the top as a benchmark in the industry.

It is critical that your company be guided by a good leader who can lead it at all times to achieve maximum results - at the RE/MAX School by RE/MAX University we encourage you on the way. Do not miss this programme that will help you significantly increase your and your team's billings!

A good leader is born and is also made. There are different techniques and development processes that serve a leader in his or her formation and growth as both a person and part of a team. It depends on you!

100 Days to Greatness

Increase your purchasing power quickly!

The 100 Days to Greatness programme teaches the basics of effectively securing properties through the referral system.

It combines the training of an expert coach with role play, the steps to follow and sessions to analyse results. All for a specific purpose - practical learning

100 Days to Greatness will help you take the necessary measures to grow your business.

Ideal for new and experienced agents alike.

No matter what level you are at in your career, the 100 Days to Greatness programme will show you how to provide excellent customer service and strengthen relationships with customers before, during and after the transaction. You will generate a steady stream of referrals with high-quality results. You will learn to:
  • 1. Use a database of your existing relationships
  • 2. Create the means necessary to help you accelerate your business
  • 3. PROACTIVELY add new relationships with customers based on trust
  • 4. Systematically perform extra traditional activities for the sale of properties, such as open houses
  • 5. Harness your own knowledge about sales, such as presentations of the services to buyers or sellers
  • 6. Use dialogue aimed at establishing relationships and closing more sales


This is a mentoring programme created by RE/MAX Europe that has been adapted to the Spanish real estate industry so that RE/MAX offices and associate agents gain the maximum benefit from its implementation.

The SUCCEED mentoring programme aims to increase the productivity of the associate agent, since it trains students in the philosophy and methodology of the RE/MAX system while acting as creator of habits.

It is more than a training plan - it is a business plan geared towards ensuring that agents see results immediately

It lasts eight weeks, throughout which the broker plays a key role because he or she not only delivers the programme by acting as a mentor, but also contributes to the continued motivation of the associate agents in his or her office and allows him or her to interact with them by getting to know their situation, objectives and concerns.

The SUCCEED programme is a clear example of the importance that RE/MAX gives to training to see that associate agents develop their professional career in a proper fashion.

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