Historia Internacional

The real estate network that sells the most properties in the world.

1973. Birth of the REMAX network

Dave and Gail Liniger, two real estate agents from Denver, Colorado, decide to develop a new concept in real estate brokerage -RE/MAX, an acronym for Real Estate MAXimum- and introduce an exclusive working system based on self-employment, which proves to be a complete success.

1978. 5th anniversary

RE/MAX grows to 1,000 agents and launches what will become the world's most famous real estate logo: the renowned REMAX hot-air balloon, 1979.

1979. REMAX expands beyond US borders.

Two Canadians, Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider, incorporate the RE/MAX system in eastern Canada.

1988. The number of REMAX agents rises to a total of 20,000.

The RE/MAX brand also becomes the leading real estate franchise in Canada.

1991. REMAX continues to expand worldwide!.

The first offices begin to be opened in the Caribbean.

1994. REMAX breaks onto the international scene with the opening of its first agencies in southern Africa and Europe.

Spain was the first country to open a REMAX franchise under Javier Sierra, the current chairman of the company in Spain. Subsequently, REMAX Europe was founded by Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider, thus entailing the largest expansion of the REMAX system. The territory covered by RE/MAX Europe represents 54 regions in 37 European countries with a population of some 500,000,000 inhabitants.

1997. REMAX celebrates its 25th anniversary with 48,000 agents in 2,900 offices worldwide.

It is also welcomed in new countries such as Australia, Singapore, Germany, Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK.

1999. New additions.

Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and southern France become part of the RE/MAX network.

2000. The new millennium commences with new additions:

Norway, Sweden and Iceland, growing to over 57,467 agents at 3,422 agencies in 32 countries across 6 continents.

2003 – 2004. Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Malta join the REMAX Europe family, pushing the number of agents on the continent up to 1,000.

New additions to the REMAX Europe family

2005. The Baltic states also join

, followed by Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. RE/MAX becomes the group of real estate franchises with the highest rate of expansion in Europe.

2007. Poland, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia

Become the latest countries to join the network in Europe.

2009. REMAX has more than 7,000 independent agencies in the world with more than 102,000 agents.

RE/MAX Europe has 10,300 agents throughout more than 1,600 independent agencies in 36 nations.

2011. REMAX gains recognition as the best real estate franchise worldwide

Dave Liniger, the company's co-founder, is named as the most influential man of the year in US real estate. In turn, RE/MAX Spain is awarded as the best franchise of the year in Spain by the prestigious publishing group CESINE.

2012. The company continues to grow, expanding up to 89,359 associates in 90 countries through 6,299 offices.

In addition, RE/MAX Spain gains recognition as a Best Workplace in 2012 -awarded as one of the best companies to work for in Spain- and is the first real estate company to receive this award in Spain.
REMAX: one of the best companies to work for

2013. REMAX enters into its 40th year of service.

RE/MAX: 40 years of success stories