RE/MAX values and philosophy

Our purpose is to promote ethical and professional behavior .

Another distinguishing feature of RE/MAX is the philosophy and values with which it operates and which it shares worldwide. Based primarily on the personal growth of its associates and on ethical values when working with its customers, RE/MAX's philosophy hinges on the fact that the success of each person helps drive the success of everyone else. Offering both brokers and associates completely independent work while still enjoying the full support of the network and the master franchise leads to greater professional growth, making RE/MAX the undisputed industry leader. Furthermore, as we continue to grow, more and more qualified people choose to work in our network each year.

These are the three cornerstones on which the company's philosophy and work values are based:

Everybody wins! The improvement of the working environment and earning potential and training of associates are a constant at the company and also drive up the chances of associate success. This will also benefit the customer, as it obtains the most complete and professional service in which the associate constantly looks after its interests.

All associates have their own business but are not alone: they can always count on the support of the entire network and enjoy a very direct connection with the master franchise itself. In this way, associates can work independently using their own ideas, creating teams and using their time as they see fit. A way of working based on freedom but also on the backing of the best international real estate franchise network, which enables one to set his or her own limits.

Corporate principles: RE/MAX has in place corporate principles that distance itself from the competition. Working with and at RE/MAX entails full cooperation with the rest of the network, which greatly expands customers' opportunities, and the application of an industry-leading code of ethics that describes the professional conduct expected of all RE/MAX brokers and associates based on honesty, fairness, accountability and unprecedented standards.

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