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REMAX is the largest and most recognized real estate network in the world. Its famous globe, the most famous real estate logo in the world, is present in more than 110 countries. This well-deserved recognition has a lot to do with the good work and professionalism with which the members of this brand operate. A professionalism that makes the REMAX logo always present in people who seek to make one of the most important decisions of their lives, the purchase and sale of a property. For all this, when carrying out this important operation, it is highly recommended that you think about REMAX: you will have insured clients and above all the largest and best service at your disposal.

The brand

In addition, you will have the opportunity for REMAX, the brand that mediates your home or with which you are looking for a property, to reach millions of people, mainly thanks to the sponsorship actions that are carried out.

From Formula 1, ski, polo or tennis tournaments and the sponsorship of RE/MAX World Long Drive, there are many events enjoyed by fans in which RE/MAX is present. Special mention should be made of the wager that RE/MAX has made on football by sponsoring the qualifying matches for Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014, through which millions of television viewers can see the brand anywhere in the world.

In turn, RE/MAX Spain is a benchmark in Spain’s specialised media, with an impact amounting to over one million euros per annum.

RE/MAX is the largest and most recognised real estate network worldwide. Its famous balloon, the world’s most famous real estate logo, is present in over 85 countries. This much-deserved recognition is due largely to the fine work and the professionalism with which members of this brand operate. This professionalism makes the RE/MAX logo ever present for people looking to make one of the most important decisions in their life – the purchase or sale of a property. Accordingly, when making this important operation, it is highly recommended that you consider RE/MAX: you will have guaranteed customers and, above all, the most expansive and best service available.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to use RE/MAX -the brand brokering your home or helping you find a property- to reach millions of people, thanks mainly to the sponsorships in which it engages.

The day you join RE / MAX your name is disclosed in the world.