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Our purpose is to promote ethical and professional behavior

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REMAX its philosophy and values with which it operates and shares worldwide

Another of the differentiating characteristics of REMAX is the philosophy and values with which it operates and which it shares worldwide. Based mainly on the personal growth of its associates and on ethical values when working with its clients, REMAX’s philosophy is based on the fact that the success of each person helps drive the success of all others. By offering both Broker and Associates a totally independent job but with the unconditional support of the network and the master franchisee, this fact helps to grow professionally, making REMAX the undisputed leader in the industry. On the other hand, as we continue to grow, every year more qualified people choose to work in our network.

REMAX Philosophy and Values

These are the three pillars on which the company's philosophy and work values are based:


Everyone wins!

The improvement of the work environment and the earning potential of associates as well as their training are a constant in the company and it also increases the chances of success for Associates. A fact from which the client will also benefit, obtaining the most complete and professional service in which the Associate constantly watches over his interests.


All associates have their own business but they are not alone

they always have the support of the entire network and in a very direct way with that of the master franchise itself. In this way, the associates can work with total independence applying their own ideas, creating teams and spending the time they consider appropriate. A way of working based on freedom but with the support of the best international network of real estate franchises, which means that you define your own limits.


Corporate Principles

REMAX has corporate principles that set it apart from the rest of the competition. Working with and at RE/MAX supposes absolute cooperation with the rest of the network, an aspect that greatly expands the possibilities of clients; as well as the application of a unique code of ethics in the sector that describes the professional conduct expected of all REMAX Brokers and Associates based on honesty, fairness, accountability and unprecedented standards.

Our reputation is our guarantee


We act proactively, honestly and openly. We do what we say and we say what we do. We take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences. We encourage personal initiative and responsibility.


We work with the utmost attention and care to do things the best way we know how. We exceed the client’s expectations by always looking after their interests.



We put our clients’ needs before our own. We are at each other’s disposal. We are generous, we help everyone. “A giving Company”(= a delivery company).



We feel responsible and we make every effort to carry out our work. We give our best when the circumstances are adverse. We meet the team on time and do our best. We build goals, we make plans, and we stick to them.



Working together enriches and empowers us. We look after each other and the image of the team. We create a climate for everyone to succeed. We are willing to talk together about what is happening to us as a team so that we can improve. We listen, we ask, we share, we accept without judging others.



We strive to grow and evolve personally and professionally with a willingness to train constantly. We continuously improve standards and quality. We learn from successes and mistakes.



We work on optimism. We are open and think big. We know we can go far! We are each responsible for our attitude, for creating ourselves. We feel great interest in our tasks, which leads us to put in their achievement the maximum effort and commitment.



We make things happen. We have high goals. We get extraordinary results. Fun We enjoy sharing and celebrating both our achievements and those of the rest of our colleagues.



We enjoy sharing and celebrating our achievements as well as those of our colleagues.

The best guarantee

There is no greater proof of a job well done than a satisfied client, and Spanish consumers value us year after year, designating us as the best valued real estate company. This is the best guarantee of the quality of our services.