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Buying a property is one of the most important decisions of your life

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions of your life … and surely one of the largest economic operations you will make. It is clear that the help of a real estate professional is more than necessary. But why buy your house with REMAX and not with any other real estate agency? What makes us different?

Membership of MLS:

Common real estate exchange of properties with the widest offer in the sector in Spain. Thanks to this real estate exchange the buyer will be able to access all the properties included in this real estate exchange, which allows access to the largest possible number of homes that fit. to your needs.

Belonging to the REMAX network:

Belonging to the REMAX network:


you can access from any REMAX office to buy a property anywhere in Spain and the world thanks to our global network.

Filter of homes adapted to the real needs of the buyer.

In this way, you will not waste time visiting properties that do not interest you. Your REMAX agent will do an exhaustive analysis of your needs and purchasing capabilities to show you only those homes that are accessible to you and that fit your needs.


Comprehensive advice and maximum negotiation:


you will always have the most professional advice and the action of a single interlocutor with extensive experience and successful results that will guarantee the search for your ideal home. Your agent will also help you consider your long-term needs so that the home you buy can have them; offering you useful information on the area in which they wish to acquire your new property.

Access to fund and bank properties:

thanks to the agreements that REMAX has reached with the main Spanish banking entities. In this way, you will be able to access a property of a fund or bank with the added value of our professional intermediation services

comprar inmuebles de fondos y bancos

En definitiva, gracias al servicio personalizado que presentan nuestros agentes y oficinas, lograrás encontrar la casa que quieres y necesitas al mejor precio para ti, logrando que recuerdes la experiencia de la compra de tu casa como algo positivo y reconfortante.